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Guest post by Ken Vest

Democrats today remind me of the scene in the Godfather when Johnny Fontane whines about being denied a movie role he covets.

The only problem is there is no Godfather to help the gutless wonders Democrats have become in this political season.

The NYT reports they are cringing in fear because Obama’s approval ratings are in major cardiac arrest and they blame him for their misfortune.

There is plenty to say about how Obama failed miserably at building the party and selling his health care plan, from the beginning. His dismal marketing of the Affordable Care Act will go down in history as one of the most disastrous communications failures of all time.

Retire the trophy. No one could do worse. It’s one of the major new product failures of all time; such as Harley Davidson perfume (Number 19 of the all-time new product flops, headed of course by New Coke).

Ken Vest
Ken Vest

But he wasn’t alone. Back in 2010 Democrats were also scurrying away from the ACA like tiny mice when the lights are suddenly switched on in the basement.

When the Bush Administration was doing its pre-war planning before invading Iraq one of Bush’s henchmen said we have to wait until fall. Summer is a bad time to market a major initiative like this.

The Bushies sold a war based on a handful of lies. Obama couldn’t sell a program that helps millions obtain health insurance for the first time, and does away with every onerous trick health insurance companies used to screw consumers out of their coverage or charge them a small fortune.

And here we are four years later with the ACA defined as hell on earth and Obama as the devil who devised it.

I’m no genius about marketing but I know this: If you don’t define the good parts of your program, your opponents will define it for you with all the horrible aspects and a few lies to boot.

All the polling I’ve seen shows that people despise Obama Care. But when they are asked about a program that eliminates pre-existing conditions, life time caps, can’t throw them off their plan because they’re sick; and my favorite for old farts like me, Obama care makes drugs for seniors cheaper by filling the doughnut hall.

So I would respectfully like to encourage all the Democratic candidates running for office, to grow a set of balls!

The Clintons are traveling with some of these guys and that’s a couple with balls to spare. Take a pair.

Here’s how it works. When your opponent runs and ad or says in a debate:

“My opponent voted for Obama Care and I will kill it. Send me to Washington.

You say:

“That’s a damn lie. You won’t kill it because it keeps insurance companies from screwing people.

Obama Care has fixed a broken health care system. What’s your plan?

Obama Care provides insurance for millions of people who’ve never had it, (5 million to be precise) gets rid of pre-existing conditions, life time caps and dropping sick people from their policies.

And if you’re on Medicare it makes drugs cheaper by filling the doughnut hole.

I guess you want to go back to the good old days when the “drug companies got the doughnut and Grannie got the hole.”

But you won’t. I know you. You’ll turn and run away. You know what happens when you run away? You get shot in the back.



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